April 19, 2014

The Baby Sleep Whisperer is dedicated to helping sleepless families get the much needed rest they need in order to live a happy, restful and healthy life. Ingrid Prueher primarily works with sleepless families with newborns, toddlers, preschoolers, adolescents and teens and provides sleep and feed schedules based on their parenting philosophy. Ingrid has successfully worked with adults of all ages who are experiencing sleep issues associated to health reasons.

Pediatric and adult sleep and health coaching services are available to those who are looking to find solutions and support to better their health. Common issues: eczema, asthma, allergies, IBS, Candida, reflux and nutrition.

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How to Wean Your Baby From Overnight Feedings

Whether you are breast or bottle feeding, you can gently and compassionately wean your infant from overnight feedings. Ideally, you’ll wean your baby after he or she is 4 months old, at least 16 pounds, and with the approval of your pediatrician. In addition, you’ll need to be sure your child is able to go a minimum of 6 hours overnight without … [Read More...]


Celebrity Baby Trends!

I am excited to be featured on Celebrity Baby Trends! Read the article HERE. … [Read More...]


Woombie: Swaddle, Snuggle, Sleep!

Have you met Karen Barski, founder of Woombie? I can't say enough about Karen, her beautiful family and her amazing swaddle line. I absolutely love them! I found The Woombie on Modernmom.com several years ago and to my surprise I found out that Karen lived in the neighboring town. I researched her line and fell in love with everything because the … [Read More...]


Sleep Training Tips for Co-Sleeping

Rest assured: sleep training your baby while he or she is sleeping in your bedroom can be done. If co-sleeping works for your family and is part of your parenting philosophy, only you can decide when to transition your baby to his or her own bedroom. Importantly, do not implement any mainstream sleep training approach if your child is under four … [Read More...]

badaboum sleep sack

Badaboum Sleep Sack

Badaboum’s cozy sleep sack is a great alternative to traditional loose and bulky baby blankets. It keeps baby comfy and securely covered, which may lead to longer sleep periods. The Badaboum sleep sack is shaped to ensure your baby feels snug and secure while allowing plenty of wiggle room. I also like this sleep sack because it has snaps at … [Read More...]

nawgum teether by mello and co.

Nawgum by Mello & Co.

No parent wants to see their child suffer when teething, and Nawgum by Mello & Co. is uniquely designed to help babies get through the tough teething times. It is the only teether I know of that reaches a baby’s most painful teeth—the molars. Nawgum has two bumpers and two arms that go in different directions so it can be easily … [Read More...]



I came across Yogibo colorful lounging furniture and pillows at a friend’s office, and I was impressed by their comfort, support and versatility. Yogibo furnishings are made from a cotton-lycra fabric that stretches, moves, and molds to each individual. They are ideal for pregnant and nursing moms as well as for the entire family. The … [Read More...]

Establish Healthy Sleep Habits From The Start

Establish Healthy Sleep Habits From The Start

Did you know that you can start establishing healthy sleep habits from the moment your little one comes into this world? Well, you can! I am not talking about formally sleep training your baby with one of the many sleep training methods out there, that would just be cruel. I don't recommend using a sleep training method until babies are at least … [Read More...]

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