How long have you worked in the parenting industry?
I started working in the parent industry in 2009, but my love for children started at a very young age. My parents gave birth to my baby sister Nataly when I was eight years-old. Proud to be a big sister, I always helped my parents take care of her and eventually babysat for them when she got older. I went on to babysit for several families during high school and college.

Fast forward a couple of decades, my husband and I bought a house in Connecticut in 2006. Soon after we relocated from New York City, I became pregnant with my son, Leonardo. At the time, I worked as a fund analyst for a venture capital firm. Both of our families lived out of state, and we were just starting to meet new friends. We had no one to turn to locally for parenting advice. Since I had been working as a research analyst for close to a decade, I decided to do what I did best — research, read and learn all that I could about having a baby and raising a child.

How did you become The Baby Sleep Whisperer™?
After Leo was born, I continued to work as a full-time analyst. My little Leo was a great sleeper. From the moment, we brought him home from the hospital, he slept six to seven hours at a stretch. Delighted by the birth of Leo, I was fascinated by this new world of parenting. So in the evenings, I began studying for a variety of pre- and post-natal parenting certifications. Shortly after that, I started a part-time baby planning consulting and concierge business, called Savvy Mom on Call.

After giving birth to my son Maximo in 2011, I left my career as a research analyst and became a full-time parenting consultant, formerly known as Savvy Mom Call. During this time, I was struggling with getting my little Maximo to sleep. I turned to a dear friend of mine, Deborah Pedrick, a seasoned child sleep consultant I had known for several years and to whom I would refer clients. She told me, “Ingrid, you know what to do, you are just tired and can’t think clearly right now.” Deb was right. I did know what to do; I just wasn’t thinking clearly. I was tired. I had recently given birth and now had two children to take care of. Taking Deb’s advice to heart, I reviewed all of the sleep books that I had on hand and then leveraged my various certifications to help my little guy become an amazing sleeper in no time.

After going through that experience, my career passion became clear. So I asked Deb if I could take her up on an offer she made to me to become my mentor a few years back. Then I set out to become as proficient as her in the field of pediatric sleep consulting. Eventually, I joined Deb as an associate and helped her sleep train clients.

Who are your clients exactly?
I work with sleep-deprived and frustrated moms — and dads — all over the country who are at their wit’s end trying to get their child to sleep through the night. I coach working moms, stay-at-home moms and even those women having a second or third child and wondering why this baby isn’t sleeping like the sibling. In general, I can help parents with children ranging in age from newborn to teens.

What happens if you haven’t yet worked with someone who has a unique or special situation?
Among my many parenting credentials, I am a Family Sleep Institute (FSI) Child Sleep Consultant, Lactation Counselor, Newborn Soothing/Calming Expert and a Holistic Health Coach. I have helped a number of parents get their children on an amazing sleep schedule.

In addition, I will do extensive research on your specific situation and even consult with your child’s pediatrician. And as a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants, American Academy of Sleep Medicine, National Sleep Foundation, American Sleep Association and International Stress Management Association (UK), I have access to thousands of other expert sleep consultants who I can call upon to help troubleshoot your specific scenario.

How does your work as The Baby Sleep Whisperer differ from other sleep consultants?
I’ve designed my programs so they can be tailored to your parenting style and your child’s age. So whether you practice authoritative, permissive or attachment parenting, my job is to get your child on the schedule that best fits the natural tendencies of his or her little body while keeping within your parenting preference.

In addition, my The Baby Sleep WhispererTM consulting programs focus on:
1. Both day (napping) and night-time (bedtime) sleep. Some sleep consultants focus on one or the other, but based on my experience, both napping and sleeping all night are equally important.

2. Nutrition and sleep. My philosophy is that feeding and sleeping go hand-in-hand, so my services take into consideration your child’s food and beverage in-take, as well as sleep patterns.

My parents are required to track and submit a log of their child’s daily nutritional intake and sleep patterns, because I need to understand if the child is eating and drinking enough and getting the right balance of foods for his or her age group.

3. Self-care of the mother. My mom clients need to take care of themselves, so they can take care of their babies. All of my mom clients, especially those who are nursing, are required to track their in-take of food and drink and sleep patterns. Here’s why:

• My moms need to eat well, so they can keep up with the demands of their little ones.
• I want to help these new mothers as much as possible to prevent postpartum depression. Post birth support in the United States is very limited. Many parents are left hanging after they give birth, but that’s when new parents need consultants like myself the most.
• For nursing moms, I need to see if anything you are eating might possibly be impacting your little one’s tummy, which could prevent them from sleeping well.

Finally, I do not and will not apply cried out/extinction techniques unless it is expressly requested by the parent, and I have conducted a thorough analysis of your situation. This includes gaining approval from your child’s pediatrician.

You see, extinction sleep training is quite stressful for both the parent and the baby. I have to be completely sure that all of you are physically and emotionally ready to see it through. While it should only take three days to accomplish, the moment you start the process, you cannot back out. It would send confusing signals to your baby.

What type of personality do you work best with?
I have worked with and continue consult with a variety of parents whose ultimate goal is to get their child on a better sleep schedule so everyone can have a more restful and complete period of rest. Though I tailor my programs to your parenting styles, you have to be receptive to the advice I am providing and willing to make changes. Open communication is critical. That’s why all of my clients sign an agreement before we start working together.

What is expected of me?
In the end, we all want your child to be healthy, happy and well-rested. This comes from balanced nutrition and good periods of sleep using my recommended sleep techniques. So it’s important that my clients:
• Complete an initial, 30+ questionnaire about their sleep situation
• Track and submit their child’s food and sleep log daily
• Be consistent; you can’t take bits and pieces of advise and expect it to work
• Remain open to suggestions and be willing to make changes.

How do we communicate with you?
Depending on the sleep consulting package that you select, I am available via email, text, phone/skype and in-person (day or overnight) visits to your home or in-person at our office in Westport, Connecticut. 

How much is this going to cost?
I offer several sleep consulting packages. I most often find there’s a package that suits everyone’s budget.

How do I determine if The Sleep Whisperer™ is the right fit for me?
If are looking to work with someone who understands your parenting style and can help to get your child sleep better, I would love to work with you. If your main concern is making sure your child is getting enough of the right foods to help them gain healthy sleep, then I am the right fit for you. If you are looking for someone that is focused on taking care of mom, so she can take care of her little one(s), then I am the right fit for you.

For what type of parent is this NOT going to work for?
My services will not work for those parents who are:

1. Unwilling to follow instructions or make any changes
2. Not open to advice or recommendations
3. Inconsistent with the techniques they are being taught
4. Expecting the child to conform to their schedule
5. Wanting to start with the cried out/extinction technique.

How does your process work?
After you purchase one of The Baby Sleep Whisperer™ consulting packages, here’s how my process goes:

1. The Baby Sleep WhispererTM Program Welcome Kit
You will receive a welcome kit via email. It contains a letter of introduction along with detailed information about my policies, procedures and program expectations and our contract. After reviewing the information, simply sign the contract and send a copy of it to me via scan-to-email, fax or the U.S. Postal Services.
2. The Baby Sleep WhispererTM Intake Form
To help me get up to speed on your situation, you will need to complete my 30-question intake form and return it to me via email for review.
3. The Baby Sleep WhispererTM Daily Sleep/Feed Log
For a specified period of time, you will need to log your child’s daily sleep patterns and intake of liquids and any solids he or she may be on. I’ll also track a few other things that will help me give you the best advice for you little one’s situation.
4. Consultation with The Baby Sleep WhispererTM
At this point in the program, we’ll have a consultation about the information that you’ve provided. Depending on which package you purchase, this consultation may take place during an overnight sleep consult in your home, via phone/skype or over email.
5. The Baby Sleep WhispererTM Nap & Bedtime Sleep Plan
The main philosophy of the timing of naps and bedtime are based on the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Dr. Marc Weissbluth. Though the science of when to lay your little one down to sleep is based on this book, I have read most of the sleep books on the market. I take all of that information into consideration when I give advice. Every child is different; one size does not fit all.
6. The Baby Sleep WhispererTM Feeding/Nutrition Evaluation and Plan
The amount of calories a child needs everyday depends on their weight and age. I want to ensure that your baby is getting what he or she needs, so they can sleep better. The better they eat, the better they will sleep and vice-a-versa.
7. Support from The Baby Sleep WhispererTM
During the first two-to-three weeks of implementing both the sleep and feeding plans, you may have questions or run into some challenges. That’s why I’ve included daily support to help you through this time. Again, these daily support check-ins are permitted once a day during the first two-to-three weeks of implementing the sleep training plan.*

* In-home program clients receive additional text support for up to three messages/day, seven days a week to further guide you through each nap and bedtime during the first two weeks of implementation. In addition, you will get long-term support consisting of three, 15-minute phone calls that can be used within the first year of sleep training to tackle sleep interruptions due to travel, teething or illness.

Phone/Skype program clients get additional text support for up to three messages/day, seven days a week to further guide through each nap and bedtime during the first two weeks of implementation.

The email program clients will get one daily email exchange seven days a week during the first two weeks of implementing the program.

What results can I expect by working with you?
When you work with The Baby Sleep Whisperer™ and follow the program as designed, you can expect to have a well-fed and well-rested baby with amazing sleep habits.

Plus, you will benefit by knowing that the mother is taking care of herself and that both parents are getting the proper rest that their bodies need. The length of time it will take your child to adjust depends on the sleep training method we agree on and the amount of sleep crutches we will need to work through.

What happens if my child gets sick, starts teething or has a medical issue while we are sleep training?
As a mother, my main concern is your child’s health and well-being. If your child should get sick or is in pain due to some medical reason, we will stop the sleep training immediately. Once your child well again, we will resume their sleep training at no additional charge. I realize things like teething and illness are out of our control, so I don’t feel you should pay additional money to restart the program.

Where are you based? What is your outreach?
I live in Fairfield, Connecticut, but I work with parents across the country, who are tired and frustrated and want a good night’s sleep for both their child and themselves.

Where can I find more information about your work?
Please visit my media room to learn more about The Baby Sleep Whisperer™.

What do your clients have to say about you?
I’ve had the honor to work with 100s of families. You will find testimonials from many of them on my Successful Sleepers page.

I’m ready to take that next step, so how do we get started?
That’s great to hear! Take a moment to review my sleep consulting packages, then choose the one that right for you and your family. I look forward to meeting you and your little one!

I am not quite sure if this is the right fit for me. What should I do?
Let’s chat. Schedule a free 20-minute, getting acquainted call with me today!

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