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Sleep training will work:

1) If all caretakers taking care of the baby at home are 100% consistent in following through with the The Sleep Whisperers’ advice regarding sleep and feed plan, as agreed upon by all parties.

2) If the caretakers effectively communicate with The Sleep Whisperer about goals and expectations

3) If the caretakers  implement agreed upon advice with 100% consistency

4) If the caretakers are open to making changes to their current sleep situation that is not working.

5) If the caretakers make sleep a priority and make sure their calendar is clear of social events for at least the first two weeks of sleep training.

Desired Results
Depending on your child’s situation, it can take anywhere from a couple of days to two months to see desired results. Please be patient with your child’s progress. Remember, we have to undue months of sleep habits. They are not robots so we cannot just turn a switch and make them sleep better immediately. Patience, consistency and follow through are imperative so your child can become an amazing sleeper. Clients are provided with the support they need to make that help their little one(s) learn to sleep. It is The Sleep Whisperer’s belief that our job is not done until your little one is a better sleeper, so The Sleep Whisperer will work with you until we make that happen, providing you are 100% consistent with the implementation of the plan as outlined.

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