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Sleep Services

Ingrid gave us techniques to use and a specific schedule that worked so well for our son.”

Our daughter is now sleeping until the sun rises and that is an achievement.”

“Our daughter is so pleasant and well-behaved, I tell everyone it’s because she sleeps.

Ingrid’s work changed our lives.”

Ingrid’s sleep services focus on helping the entire family sleep well. 

Ingrid limits the number of clients she serves each month so she can give each family her full attention. Services go beyond sleep training – with Ingrid, you get a complete wellness program for the entire family. 

Every family and child is unique, so Ingrid customizes solution packages for your unique situation. Ingrid takes into consideration your personal parenting philosophy. Whether you co-sleep, want a gentle sleep approach, interval sleep approach or prefer the extinction method, she will develop a solution that’s right for your family.  

Consulting services are tailored to children of all ages, from newborns to teens.  Plans can also address parents of multiples, children that have reflux, are teething, or have allergies. 


THE HELP NOW PACKAGE:  This affordable eight day package will help your family get started on a better sleep journey.

This package will include:

Review of Intake Form

Written Sleep and Feed Plan
(provided 48 business hours after Intake Form and two days of logging are completed)

Daily Log
Daily Q&A exchanges within communication log
(two questions per business day after plan is completed)

Summary of next steps in your child’s sleep development
at the end of 6 business day support.

$295.00 USD – 8 Day program

THE IN YOUR POCKET PACKAGE is perfect for the family who is really at the “end of their rope”,  is at a complete loss as to how to go about making changes to correct the baby or toddler sleep problems and the problems have been going on for quite some time. This family needs to talk to someone over the phone or through Skype so that they can discuss in detail the issues they have been facing with their family. These families would also like significant support to be walked through the sleep training process. With this package this family has the answer to getting their little one to sleep within a minute notice.

8 Week Support Package:

Welcome Package

Intake Form

A Daily Sleep/Feed Log

An hour initial consultation via phone/Skype – Monday through Friday

A nap and bedtime sleep plan

A nutrition evaluation and plan

Phone Support:
8x 30 minute scheduled phone calls – Monday through Friday

Daily Support:
1x daily, via an online program (not email) to answer your questions and review progress, Monday – Friday

$997.00 USD – 2 month program

The eight-week sleep/wellnesS package is tailored for parents who want to help their little one sleep blissfully (day and night) – and to experience deep, nourishing sleep themselves.

You might be feeling at a complete loss. Your baby can’t sleep. You aren’t sleeping. You need help but aren’t sure where to turn. 

If you are not familiar with the process of sleep training, the idea can seem a bit scary. But, rest assured – Ingrid will guide you through every step of the process. Sleep training should never be traumatic for you or your child. Ingrid will show you how to implement the five foundational pieces of sleep, so sleep can be sweet for the entire family.  

8 Week Support Package INCLUDES: 

Sleep Form

Initial consultation 

Sleep/Wellness Plan

Daily Support:

 On Call for First 72 Hours

Daily Daytime Support Calls As Needed Thereafter

Limited Text Messaging

Daily Online Q&A

Daily Sleep/Feed Log 

Nap and Bedtime Routine

Sleep Charts

Nutrition Evaluation and Plan

Stress Management Tips and Tools

Potty Training (when the time is right)

Alternative Healthcare Gift For The Entire Family ($250 value)

Wellness Tools and Tips for Mom and Dad


Postpartum Care

*Two years of follow-up advice is included. Service available seven days a week.

Pricing Starts at $3,500